The world's scariest Dogfight in Action : Mig-29 Vs F-15 - Who would win...


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The world's scariest Dogfight in Action : Mig-29 Vs F-15 - Who would win in real fight ???

assuming both sides are equally experienced, trained, and equiped for air superiority missions at the time of the encounter, the F-15s have the advantage early- and end-game, while the MiG-29s have the advantage mid-game.

The outcome overwhelmingly depends who are the drivers, specifically how well-trained they are and how experienced they are in combat. Next, it depends on how much logistical support they have, namely AWACS or ground station co-ordination. The final key factor is avionics.

Both sides will engage BVR (beyond visual range), so whoever has longer range missiles will have the advantage in this round, forcing the defending aircraft into evasive maneuvers and dispensing countermeasures. As always, the best defence is offence, so whoever made the first strike has the initiative and would attempt to retain it. F-15 has the advantage of longer range weaponry and multi-targeting system, because in theory, the F-15s can hit the MiG-29s before the latter even know there are enemies out there.

As the distance closes, both sides will put more effort at aircraft identification, because it is preferable to not kill an enemy than to kill a teammate. Having logistical support is vital in this medium-range dogfight bowl. Both sides will attempt to out maneuver each other by turning, climbing, and diving — each maneuver is a trade-off in terms of speed, altitude, and firing position. MiG-29 has the advantage in maneuverability and helmet-mounted sights which is a vastly superior user experience compared to HUD-mounted sights.

If all missiles have been expended and planes are still flying around, the engagement devolves into a traditional guns-blazing dogfight. The MiG-29 has a clear advantage in maneuverability, but they have a lot less ammunition and fuel to work with compared to the F-15. The more experienced drivers will have the advantage, but it will be clear soon who is the winner of the engagement. If the MiG-29 team can defeat or rout the F-15s, then they survive and win; otherwise, they are f**ked. The MiG-29 is slightly faster than the F-15 at low altitude, but as altitude increases, the F-15 has the speed advantage. F-15s have an option to flee the battle, but it is a fight to the death for the MiG-29s.

An ideal A2A would be someone from the Luftwaffe or USAF in Europe, as the reunited Deutschland inherited MiG-29s from the defunct DDR and the USAF has F-15 squadrons based in Germany, and I am sure they play fight with each other all the time.

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